Port Development

Berwick Harbour Commission are currently upgrading cargo handling equipment and machinery.
This work will continue as the Commission seek to consolidate existing trade and attract and develop new trade opportunities. Recent developments include:The purchase of a new Sennebogen 835 S crane in 2013. This new hydraulic crane significantly improves our cargo handling capability.
It also improves our efficiency and versatility as we can now comfortably work all sizes of vessel at any state of the tide. visiting the Port and 3 new Manitou telehandler for trucks were acquired in 2013.
Three new Manitou telehandler fork trucks were acquired in 2013. The fleet of new Manitous affords us increased flexibility and versatility in all cargo handling and warehouse work.

A custom built cargo sampling facility was installed and opened in 2013. This facility includes a cargo sampling gantry and a fully equipped sampling office. The Port is now fully compliant with cargo sampling requirements.

Future development plans include the creation of additional warehouse capacity.
This work is expected to encourage new trade for the Port as the demand for warehouse capacity continues to increase. The replacement of the existing lead-in jetty to the Tweed Dock thereby securing the long term future of the Port.

The Commission are seeking to develop increased tourist activity by installing a passenger landing jetty which will encourage increased pleasure trips on the River Tweed and attract interest from cruise ship Companies looking to expand their itineraries to in include Berwick.
Several have already expressed an interest in the attractions in Berwick and the surrounding area.