The Tweed Dock is ISPS approved and has three working cargo berths. The Tweed Dock is tidal and all berths arenaabsa berths. The dock floor is puddled with blue clay ensuring the dock is watertight and that vessels remain safe alongside the berths at low tide.All cargo is handled using our own equipment and machinery.


We have three x 360 degree hydraulic material handler cranes capable of handling bulk and unitised cargoes. In 2013 we took delivery of a new Sennebogen 835 S crane to support our Samsung SE450 and Atlas 1801i cranes. Each crane can comfortably discharge 200 tonnes of bulk cargo per hour. Unitised cargo is discharged at a rate of 150 tonnes per hour per crane.


Three electric elevators are used to load bulk cargoes. The elevators are serviced directly from road transport and we can operate all three elevators at any one time. We can load bulk cargo at a rate of 225 tonnes per hour.

Fork Trucks

Shoreside and warehouse cargo handling is undertaken by our three Manitou telehandler fork truck fleet. All machines were acquired new in 2013 and afford us increased efficiency and versatility.


We have four warehouses/transit sheds sited on the Tweed Dock. 3100 square metres of warehouse space is available with 1000 square metres suitable for bulk cargo storage. We can store up to 7,500 tonnes of cargo in the warehouses and all our warehouses are FIAS approved. There are plans to re-furbish our existing warehouses and to create additional warehouse capacity.


A fully calibrated weighbridge facility is located on the Tweed Dock within 100 metres of all 3 working berths.

Cargo sampling

A fully equipped and recently installed cargo sampling shed and sampling gantry is sited adjacent to the weighbridge. The Port is fully compliant with cargo sampling requirements.